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Raiding with Tranquillity

We are currently recruiting new members for Shadowlands Raid Teams.
Currently, Our main team raids Monday and Wednesday 8pm / 10pm Server Time & another team on Wednesday and Friday 8pm / 10pm Server time. 

In order to be apart of this raid team, you are required to have a main character in Tranquillity.
You are encouraged to stick with a singular "Main" Toon to use during the Raids, You may switch to an alt with the approval of the Raid leader, However on Progression Bosses, You will be required to bring your Main Toon, Please form an Officer or Raid Leader regarding your change Prior to raid. So we can make sure it does not affect the Group Composition.
We have two raid teams forming for Shadowlands.
Team 1.
Raid Leader: Athyna
Raid Days: To be Advised
Raid Times: To be Advised
Team 2.
Raid Leader: Pachy
Raid Days: To be Advised
Raid Times: To be Advised
it is not ideal for us to PuG, however if we are desperate to fill in places and we do not have guildies for I.E. Healers and Tanks, we will PuG. If we do PuG at any point it has to be verified by the Raid Leader.
The same rules apply in all raid teams. BoE Items must be equipped or be put up for Roll (Unless they are a PuG, as we do not have control over them). If no one wants the BoE, it is to be given to the GM or Officers, which then will be donated to the guild bank to pay for Flasks and Feats, Enchants and Gems to assist with Raid Nights.
Feel free to run any add-ons you wish; but we do ask that you install Deadly boss mods (DBM) & GTFO (optional; for people who aren’t sure what to stand in.)